PSCP / PluriMes Joint Workshop

A workshop entitled “Stem Cells: Culture Conditions and Stability” was organised jointly with the Pluripotent Stem Cell Platform project funded by the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform. This was held at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, 28-29th November. The programme brought scientists from six countries (including Sweden, Italy, Ukraine and Czech Republic as well as the UK) working on mesenchymal stromal cells and human embryonic stem cells together along with developers of new stem cell based therapies, companies in the stem cell field, the UK regulator (MHRA) and its standardisation organisation NIBSC. The discussion sessions addressed some of the key challenges for taking mesenchymal cells and hESC lines forward to cell therapies. A range of crucial issues were discussed including maintenance of pluripotency in vitro and cell therapy manufacturing issues. The latter included detailed discussion on selection of raw materials and process development for compliance with regulation, which benefitted significantly from involvement of a growth media manufacturer and regulatory representatives. The discussion of these issues was captured by a drafting group of young scientists, session chairpersons and the workshop scientific committee which will be written up and submitted as a manuscript for publication in early 2017.