PluriMes Third Annual Consortium Meeting

The PluriMes Third Annual Consortium Meeting took place on 6-9 February 2017, in Laax, Switzerland.

All PluriMes PIs and three lab members from each partner laboratory were invited to attend the meeting to discuss their progress on the PluriMes Project with the PluriMes Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP). Each lab member gave a short oral presentation or presented a poster on their lab’s work. The best oral prsentation was awared to Charlotta Boiers (Tariq Enver’s lab, University College London) and the best poster presentations were awarded to Angela Bonato (Giulio Cossu’s lab, University of Manchester) and Alexander Henderson (Francesco Saverio Tedesco’s lab, University College London).

As part of the meeting a workshop for lab members on ‘Genetic stability in human pluripotent stem cells’ which was organised by PluriMes lab member Dylan Stavish (from Peter Andrew’s lab in Sheffield).

The workshop involved talks from four invited speakers Ivana Barbaric (University of Sheffield), Karen Montgomery (WiCell), Claudia Spits (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Oliver Thompson (University of Sheffield). PluriMes members were joined by delegates from the French consortia LabEx REVIVE.