PluriMes Autumn Workshop 2016 a big success!

On Wednesday 5 October PluriMes PIs and lab members met up in Nice, France, for a workshop on ‘Single Cell RNA-seq’ which was organised by PluriMes lab member Valeria Orlova (from Christine Mummery’s lab in Leiden) and Tariq Enver, one of the PluriMes PIs at University College London.

The workshop involved talks from three invited speakers Dr Jean-Charles Boisset (Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands), Mark Lynch (Fluidigm) and Stefan Semrau (Leiden University) and one PluriMes lab member Virginia Turati (Univeristy College London). PluriMes members were joined by delegates from other stem cell consortia including the EC HEALTH project Neurostemcellrepair and French consortia LabEx REVIVE.

The workshop has been described by attendees as ‘very interesting’ with most of the delegates learning a lot. The scientific quality and intimate discussions were what delegates enjoyed most.

After the workshop finished on Thursday afternoon PluriMes lab members and PIs got together until lunch-time on Friday to discuss their work on the PluriMes project.