Outreach Champions nominated

As part of the PluriMes Project’s commitment to public engagement and outreach, each partner laboratory has identified an Outreach Champion:

  • Nathalie Brandenberg – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
  • Cynthia Fisher – STEMCELL Technologies
  • Bernadett Gaal – University College London
  • Catarina Grandela – Pluriomics
  • Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes – Leiden University Medical Center
  • Sara Maffioletti & Martina Ragazzi – University College London
  • Katrin Neumann – TU Dresden
  • Mara Riminucci – Sapienza University of Rome
  • Maria Rostovskaya – University of Cambridge
  • Dylan Stavish & Jonathon Carr – University of Sheffield

These individuals will be sponsored to participate in courses organised by EuroStemCell where they will receive training from science communication professionals, learn how to create their own resources and practice how to design events. They will then be equipped to organise communication and outreach events in their home locations using both resources provided by EuroStemCell and materials based on their own research. With encouragement and support from the senior investigators they will also stimulate other laboratory members to contribute to public engagement activities such as school visits and science festivals.